We have been keeping Dame Jackie Lau busy! In addition to hosting the upcoming “How to Host a Party (And Still Enjoy Yourself) workshop, Jackie taught a Hawaii Culinary Education Foundation High School culinary workshop on June 1 at Leeward Community College. Thirty teachers from Oahu, Kauai, and Hawaii Island attended the workshop to learn:

  • Plating techniques for a composed salad, using¬†compression to infuse and pickling to bring out flavors.
  • Vegetable roasting methods and fresh salad dressing and sauce ideas.
  • How to break down and use a whole fish: Crispy fish skin for texture, miso marinade, stock, and much more!
  • Dessert creation, including plating suggestions, how to quenelle, designs, sauces, and garnishes for texture.
  • Build your Own Dessert Competition
  • Ideas for culinary education in the classroom


Dames attending the workshop:  Hayley Matson-Mathes, Executive Director of the Hawaii Culinary Education Foundation; Jackie Lau, HCEF Advisory Board Member; Fern Yoshida, Oahu HCEF High School Mentoring Coordinator and HCEF Advisory Board; Patti Kimball, Hawaii Island HCEF High School coordinator; Marsha Dupont Taylor, Waialua High School Culinary Teacher.

Photos courtesy Hayley Matson-Mathes/Hawaii Culinary Education Foundation